It’s not only the fire and the baptism in the Holy Spirit that brings revival in church. If there is something that can stop a revival, then there must be something that can start a revival.

I just have been back from Uganda where I was ministering in one of the biggest churches of the country and they had almost nothing else on the agenda than gathering together day and night to have revival meetings. They were hosting church services almost non-stop, with young and old coming together praising Jesus! Healing, deliverance and everything you can imagine took place during those meetings. And outside those meetings, people were praying on the street corners and rich and poor heard the gospel and gave their hearts to Jesus.
Still this church was prophesying and praying for a bigger revival to take place.

This was amazing to me and as I was thinking about our own church in The Netherlands. There we had a season of beautiful revival but after a year that revival fire in people slowly died down. So without going deeper into the question ‘’why did it stop?’’ I want to focus on how we can get it started again!?

To me it’s common sense that if there is something that can stop a revival, for example disappointment, then the opposite of that must be able to start revival, for example gratitude and joy! I realised it’s not only the fire and the baptism in the Holy Spirit that brings a revival in church. To have revival but also to maintain revival, you have to partner with the Holy Spirit. I truly believe that we, as Sons and Daughters, can move the heart of God by our response.

So here I have 7 truths to learn about revival that you can apply on your own personal life. I pray they may inspire you and you might learn from them as much as I have.

  1. Be completely focussed on Jesus during meetings and services as soon as you realise that there is no better place to be than being in God’s presence. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by your phone, your surrounding or by other people.
  2. Realise that you create and contribute to the atmosphere for someone else’s breakthrough and/or salvation. You are part of a bigger picture than what you can see with a natural perspective. Revival is for the sake of the salvation of many people.
  3. Give yourself completely over to praising God in worship with expression, joy and emotion. Whatever you think your character or personality type is; everyone can praise Jesus for what He has done for you!
  4. Be naturally obedient to God above your own emotions. Less of me, more of Jesus (John 3:30).
  5. Start to be aware of Who you are worshipping and in Whose presence you are. Having fear of the Lord leads to an honouring and holy atmosphere.
  6. Have an attitude that is the opposite of what can stop a revival, like disappointment or carelessness. Have joy, faith, gratitude and be active in feeding the fire inside of you.
  7. Train yourself to always come to a church meeting with great expectancy. Truly believing and expecting that God answers prayers leads to being a people of prayer.

Revival is the spiritual environment in what souls are being radically saved! We need it for ourselves, for our church and for our nation!

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