Some people approach the mission field or serving in The Kingdom of God as finishing a to-do-list but God’s heart and direction are something that go beyond what you see and have to do…

I’ve written a couple of things that characterize a fruitful servant of Jesus and my greatest example in that is my wife!  We’ve seen many miracles in our lives but there were also many times I wanted to stop certain projects we started. In those moments my wife always reminded me to stay faithful. She would always say; ‘’we need to stick through because this is the vision that God has given to us.’’ 

I know some people approach the mission field or serving in the Kingdom of God as finishing a to-do-list but God’s heart and direction are something that go beyond what you see and what you have to do. I believe it was my wife’s character – simply having faith to obey God’s voice – that made her the fruitful servant of Jesus she is today. So here are some keys that we have experienced as ‘fruitful ways’ to make an impact on the mission field or in ministry. 

    There’s a very big picture in what God is leading you in. If you are only task oriented and that ‘’feeling of accomplishment’’ when finishing that task, you can miss the direction that leads you into the very big picture that God has in mind for you. You need to keep in mind that there’s a way deeper level to serving than chasing the feeling of ‘’accomplishing something’’ by doing tasks. You just cannot put God’s plan on a to-do-list and go for it. 
    Being willing to hear God’s voice is primary as a servant of Jesus because God gives the ultimate direction for what He wants to do. The real impactors – those who operate in a fruitful way of serving Jesus – always have the ability to hear God’s voice and direction. I think that being able to hear God’s voice is a believer’s greatest asset!
    Nothing beats consistency because ‘if you don’t quit, you win’. That’s how simple it is. God is actually working and moving. He commands angels to carry out His plan. So if you keep being consistent and stay faithful to what God has said, He will work things out!  That’s a truth that I have seen over and over again in my life.
    People often chase the feeling of ‘’accomplishment’’ and because of that they can lose vision or direction because they don’t see the results they would like to see. Have some patience and never leave the vision that comes from God. Tasks may change but the vision stays the same – especially when God has spoken.
    At the end of the day, the question is – who are you and do you have faith? The answer to that is not in what you do or where you are going. Will you still survive and will you still have faith if the things you are doing have to stop? 

My wife adds: ‘’Moses purpose was to lead the people of Israel into the promised land. Moses saw the promised land but he never entered it.
King David had the desire to build a house for God but he himself never built it. Both had a goal and a mission to fulfil and both of them didn’t achieve it themselves. If they would be focussed on the task they would feel like a failure at the end but they showed the people of God what it was really about; it was their relationship with God that mattered.’’

If you read this and you know you have positioned yourself in a place where you’re only focussed on accomplishing tasks and seeing results you must know it’s never too late to change that. That’s why there is teaching and revelation. You are called to bear fruit and make an eternal impact!


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